Welcome to Cordell Group Limited

Cordell Group Limited is a leading engineering design, fabrication and construction contractor providing multi-disciplined project management, design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, testing and commissioning services to multi-national companies across the world.

We have a reputation for managing and delivering professional services to a broad section of industries and have the flexibility to supply a single item or a complete multi-disciplined turnkey project.

Our employees are our most important asset, and through them we deliver successful contracts to our clients to specification, within schedule and to budget. We pride ourselves in establishing lasting relationships with our clients and consequently maintain a number of term contracts.

We approach contracts through a single point ownership system whereby a contract owner is responsible for all aspects of the contract. Contracts are run on a variety of commercial bases such as fixed price lump sum, reimbursable, measured work etc. Relevant codes, standards, specifications and procedures are always complied with throughout the contract including client specifics.

The majority of services are delivered by our in-house resources, reducing interfaces thus reducing costs and programme delivery.

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